BUCKTOOL Sander BD4603 vs BD4801, what are the differences ?
BUCKTOOL is a trustworthy brand of power tools with customer priority, good quality product, perfect after-sale service as key concept.
If you are planning to become a hobbyist or even a professional carpenter of any kind, then there are some BUCKTOOL tools that you need to know about. One of the most important woodworking tools that you can have is a sander, it is a very useful tool that virtually all woodworkers have a need for.
BUCKTOOL belt disc sander is a 2in1 sanding machine of a disc and a belt that directly drive by a fairly powerful motor, sanding efficiency increases 25% than the traditional design. The belt can work at the horizontal or vertical position with a strong metal rod to support the sanding belt when there is heavy loading. The sturdy cast aluminum base with mounting holes and four rubber feet provide low vibration and more stability while operating. Separated dust port for both belt and disc sander can keep work area clear. With this tool it is easy to polish all the jagged edges, angled ends and flat surfaces on your wood and lumber, that means it is ideal for fine wood sanding & polishing.
Two of the most common BUCKTOOL belt disc sanders that you may need for woodworking are BD4603 vs BD4801. These two tools may seem quite similar, but they actually different. Let’s get to it and find out the differences between them. In this way, you can make an informed choice as to which one to use for which tasks.
BD4603 vs BD4801, What are the differences ?
# 1: Disc size difference
The primary difference between these two sanders is disc size difference. Except for the 4”x36” belt that both of them have, BD4603 has a smaller 6” disc whereas BD4801 is equipped with a larger 8” disc. Due to this difference, BD4603 is convenient if you need to do work on smaller pieces whereas BD4801 is often chosen for sanding operations of slightly larger pieces.

# 2: Work table difference
The second difference between these two sanders is work table.

BD4603 has same 195*136mm aluminum work tables for both the belt and disc, in this way you can install either one at random, no need to worry that the work table doesn’t match the belt or disc. If you are going to be mostly working on smaller pieces of softer wood or other soft materials, BD4603 might be a good option.

BD4801 is equipped with 264*190mm aluminum work table for the disc and 190*160mm aluminum profile work table for the belt, and the large aluminum work table for the disc is fixed by 2 screws on both sides so that it is steady enough during polishing larger work pieces or harder materials.
Belt disc sander

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Harold Claude howell

Harold Claude howell

The front tilt plate the belt comes downwards forward to the knife blade if there would be a tilt plate for the opposite side then the belt would be going away from the belt do you have one

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