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First of all I haven’t really used it. But here is my initial experience so far and tips. Seems like a great unit.

1) Packaging was great minus the brittle styrofoam but it protected it and that’s what matters.

2) The variable speed arm was very stiff. Emailed customer support and they sent me a picture of the nut that needed to be loosened. Just a smidge loosened and it is now smooth.

3) The run out (wobble) on the bit was initially .004 or .005 inches. Probably would have been fine but not good enough for my “OCD”. No debris I side the chuck. So I decided to remove the chuck all together and reinstall it.

Initially I used a rubber mallet to install it. The second time I used a piece of wood with a mallet. I made sure the wood was flush and even with the bottom of the chuck before knocking into place. Now the run out (wobble) is only .001 inches! Holy smokes!

4) There is a very good YouTube video on this drill press and made another comparing it to the WEN. He was mistaken with one aspect, the drill can be locked stationary at the lowest level. Just got to use the travel adjustment screw while it is at the lowest setting and make sure the drill is lowered all the way down. That YouTuber made a 3D part in order to lock it down in place. Interesting but totally not needed. He never updated or commented on his error. But still good closeout video.

Went with this one for the power, size, variable speed, and the travel adjustment. No other drill in this class matched the feature set of Bucktool 12 inch. If you look close at the other brands, they are almost all the same. These companies just add a bit of their own twist to make them different. Base plates, variable speed, travel adjustment, button layout. Bucktool seems as if they adapted all the best features from the rest of the companies and put it into one machine.

I think I am confident in it. Seems very solid and very little plastic. Extremely heavy and awkward to move. Currently sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to make space for it in my future workshop.

Impressive 1x30 incredibly smooth!

I been using belt sanders professionally for over 15 years. This is the most impressive 1x30 I have used. I'm simply amazed by the useful upgrades on this. Changing belts is a snap. So is tracking and access to them by the quick release door and belt tension system. It runs incredibly smooth. I've always liked Bucktool and have had such good experiences with their Customer service. Cant recommend them enough.

Great sander. Very powerful. I made my own dust shoot. The one that comes with it limits the working surface. Outside of that this is one excellent sander. Highly recommended

Great slow speed grinder

The grinder worked as expected out of the box. Of particular note are the extra wide fine grit wheel (1.5 inches) and the lack of vibration. The wheels were installed and seemingly pre-balanced.
Over all a great investment

BUCKTOOL BD61000 Bench 6 in. x 48 in. Belt and 10 in. Disc Sander with 1.5 HP Motor and Stand?

Great design with the mounted wheels on stand. Provides for easy mobility in my shop areas. The 1.5 HP motor is a GREAT Feature also.

Grinder upgade from 30 year old 6" grinder

Prompt delivery. Well made. Spent about a hour truing up wheels to get better balance. Seems to do a nice job on my lathe chisels. Have not had a chance to put them to the test yet. Pleased with purchase.

Sharpening system

I just started using the grinder and got the Wolverine- One-way sharpening jig set up. Looks good, works well, I like the extra features- brackets, magnifier, light. A great upgrade to my sharpening- especially lathe tools- gouges, etc!

Happy with BUCKTOOL.

The drill press was packaged very well, assuring safe delivery, which was early. The press itself was easily assembled. I’ve only used it for three days now, and am very happy with its performance. The laser and light are a nice feature.

great service bucktool

using it for knife sharpening

Bow Shop

received on time and in great shape. It performs as I anticipated. Seems to be a good value for the money.

Dust collection

The disc and band sander works great. Lots of power. My only criticism is no dust collection. Even if it just had a cloth bag that could be moved from disc to belt would be better. I’ve bought two sets of vacuum parts to piece together a system. Whatever money I saved on the sander has been spent on dust collection.

Runs quiet

Very quiet when running.
Base is low, so I had to elevate it with boards to put jigs for my woodturning gouges.under it.

Can’t wait for Christmas!

This sander is my early Christmas gift to myself. It is all that I had hoped for and even more than I expected. I was impressed by its beauty and quietness and the quality is above bar! The price was very reasonable and I hope to someday maybe get the low speed grinder! Thank You Bucktool!❤️

I have not used the drill press a lot yet

It looks like a well made machine. The run out is very sooth, I don't have anything to check it with. The motor is larger than any other drill press in that price range. I am very happy with this .

2 x 42 sander / 6 in grinder combo

Fast delivery, easy setup. Sander works really well.
Will have to dress grinder wheel, as it's not quite true.
However, when I turned it on, there was hardly any vibration.
Appears to be a quality setup.

I like it but The speed display does not work.

Great drill press

The drill went together easily, after having itt run for a bit it did quiet down and now is not so loud.
The light is good, but it can use an external led light that can be focused on the front.

The crank for the table could have benefit-ted from more grease and a brass washer under the clamp handle.

overall a nice machine for the money👍

Excellent Quality at a Reasonable Price

I bought this tool for the same reason most have purchased it. I was tired of "push-starting" my older sander and then it finally gave out. I can't say how many times my older sander would bog down when trying to sand a harder or larger piece of wood. I wanted something with more power but not willing to spend hundreds for a larger name brand. This does exactly what I need it to do with plenty of power. The quality of the tool is also quite impressive. Excellent tool!!!

Very well built. Easy to put together.

Very well built Easy to put together.
Run Good

So far so good

I only got to use it for a few minutes so far but it took metal down on 3/16" bar stock very fast just with the provided 120 belt. Can't wait to throw the ceramic belt on and see if it's any better.

New shop dust collector system

Shipped amazingly fast.

Exceeded my expectations very nice unit