what does bench sander do?

Sanding machine is one of the main equipment of woodworking machinery,which is a mechanical equipment that uses the cutting action of sand to smooth the processing marks, burrs, stains, etc. on the surface of wood. It can be used to process wood, etc., including the processing of wooden handicrafts, bamboo and wood handicrafts.And the purpose of sanding machine is grinding and polishing wood. With the use of the Scroll saw, crafts of different shapes can be produced.

However, when the sander grinds wood, it will often produce fine grinding dust, and the motor that accumulates dust for a long time will reduce heat dissipation, which will affect work efficiency and motor life.

It is better to use with a dust collector or wear a mask when operating to prevent dust entering from the nasal cavity causing the body unfit.

Belt disc sander

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