BUCKTOOL Bench Grinders- tools to smooth rough edges
The bench grinder isn’t very expensive, and requires only to be secured firmly to a workbench or other mount.

They can grind smooth the rough cutting edge on plane irons, drill bits, scissors, and knives.

They can repair screwdrivers and punches, and can be used for smoothing welded joints or other imperfections, and even grinding off rivets.

With a wire wheel, they can also clean and polish many different tools and objects.

The bench grinder has two grinding wheels, one each on either side of the motor housing. Most of each wheel is covered by a guard, but roughly a ninety-degree arc of each wheel’s perimeter is exposed at the front of the grinder. An eye shield is mounted above the opening in the guard; below is a tool rest.

Most home workshops will never need a high-powered, heavy-duty grinder. One powered by a one-quarter to one-half horsepower motor is probably adequate, with half-inch or inch-wide wheels of five or six inches in diameter. Larger grinders, with more powerful motors and wheels eight inches or more in diameter are also available for professional workshop. Typically, the speed at which the wheels rotate is between 3,000 and 3,600 revolutions per minute.
Bench grinder

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