Bench Grinder Basics For The Beginner
Can you name any tools that have so much versatility in its use that it is a must-have for any workshop? Well, it is definitely a bench grinder. If you want to sharpen your gardening tools, shape metal for making parts, or even polish some wood sculptures you have made, a bench grinder is your go-to solution.

Using a Bench Grinder
For a first time user, a bench grinder might seem like a frustrating skill to learn. Although the concept of holding an object close to a moving wheel might seem simple, you need precise control over your hands if you want to master the skill of using a bench grinder. Otherwise, you will end up with an uneven edge of the object that you are trying to shape. Take all the precautions such as wearing hand gloves, safety goggles before you experiment with your skills.

Whether you are using a bench grinder for making furniture or some industrial work, there are some tips you always need to follow. Here are some crucial steps that you have to maintain while using the bench grinder.

Keep a Pot Full Of Water Nearby
When you grind a metal such as steel with a bench grinder the metal becomes extremely hot. The heat can damage or deform the edge of the tool. To cool it down at a regular interval you need to dip it in water. The best way to avoid edge deformation is to hold the tool to the grinder only for a few seconds and then dip it in water.

Use Pliers When Grinding Small Objects
Grinding small objects can be dangerous if your hand gets too close to the grinding wheel. While you are shaping small objects like a bolt or screw, hold it with a plier.

Make a Guideline for Tool Sharpening
When you hold a tool at a wrong angle while grinding you can ruin the tool. If you frequently use the same sharpening method, you can make a note of the angle that works for each tool. It will be more time saving and you will have less chance of damaging your tools.

Use Low-Speed Grinder
If your primary use of a bench grinder Is to sharpen your tools, consider using a low-speed grinder. It will allow you to learn the ropes of a bench grinder. The low speed will also protect the tools from heating up.

Adjust the Tool Rest According To Your Desired Angle
The tool rest of a bench grinder is adjustable to any desired angle. You can make an angle gauge with cardboard to place on the tool rest and adjust its angle.

Safety Tips
As a bench grinder uses friction to sharpen tools or shape objects, it emits a lot of sparks. You need to be cautious and wear gloves and safety goggles while working with a bench grinder. As you grind an object with a bench grinder try not to hold the object in the same place for a long time. Move its position frequently so the friction doesn’t produce heat at the contact point of the object.
Bench grinder

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