BUCKTOOL 1HP 6.5AMP Wall-Mount Dust Collector

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Product Description

  • INCLUDED REMOTE CONTROL: This updated dust collector has a 15m remote control so that you can control your dust collector more conveniently and improve your work efficiency
  • Motor size: 1 HP 120V single-phase
  • Air suction capacity: 550 CFM
  • Impeller speed: 3450 RPM
  • Amps: 6.5 Amp
  • Intake hole diameter: 4-Inch
  • Bag size: 3.1 CU.FT
  • Impeller: Balanced steel radial fin(9 inch)
  • Maximum static pressure: 1440Pa(5.8inH2O)


About BUCKTOOL Wall-mounted Dust Collector

BUCKTOOL wall-mounted Dust Collector is designed to capture dust right at the source. The portable dust collector produces more suction than ordinary shop vacuums. With a 13 gal. capacity dust bag the dust collector works with 4 in. hoses to pick up large chips from jointers, saws, shapers, and planers. A simple wall-mounted bracket and locking screw system also ensure you'll be safely up and running in no time! This wall-mounted dust collector with 550 CFM capacity makes it very versatile, it will handle just about any hungry woodworking machine, and with dust collection located next to dust production with minimal ducting, static pressure loss is minimal.


BUCKTOOL | DC30A Wall-mount Dust Collector with Dust Bag 1HP 6.5AMP   | 550CFM Air Flow DC30A

Wheels with brakes for easy movement and fix position.

Safety Cap

BUCKTOOL | DC30A Wall-mount Dust Collector with Dust Bag 1HP 6.5AMP   | 550CFM Air Flow DC30A
Prevent your hand from touching the fan blade.

High Quality 4” Hose, 80” Long

BUCKTOOL | DC30A Wall-mount Dust Collector with Dust Bag 1HP 6.5AMP   | 550CFM Air Flow DC30A
High-quality 4” hose can fit most of the woodworking machine.

Wall-mount Design

BUCKTOOL | DC30A Wall-mount Dust Collector with Dust Bag 1HP 6.5AMP   | 550CFM Air Flow DC30A
The dust collector can be mounted on the wall by using the wall mount kits, easy for use, and save your valuable space.
BUCKTOOL | DC30A Wall-mount Dust Collector with Dust Bag 1HP 6.5AMP   | 550CFM Air Flow DC30A
Amperage  6.5
Maximum Air Flow 550CFM
Air Pressure 5.8
Intake Diameter 4" OD
Collection Capacity 19 Gallons
Tube Size 4’‘*80’‘
Fan Diameter 228
Bag Size 3.1cu.ft
Bag Type 2 micron

Product Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jackie Jones
Great product without breaking the bank

Wish it did a little better on the planer, but that’s on me. Works great with everything else.

Raymond Eyth
DC30A Dust Collector

I have it wall mounted and attached to my Bosch compound maitre saw and it works perfectly for my needs! I would definitely recommend this to others and the remote control key fob is absolutely fantastic!!

Thomas Sutherland
Great Collector

Great value and performance. The remote is handy as well

Almost the same as others

I bought this dust collector to use with my table saw and planer. It is very similar to most of the other 1HP dust collectors out there. It's obvious they all came from the same factory in Taiwan, but were built with different options. Some have a 120/240VAC motor, others are 120VAC only, but only this one comes with a remote fob, which was a plus for me. CFM ratings range from 537 (most) to 660 (dubious). The filtration ratings on the bags varies, too. Be aware that this one comes with a grid on the inlet and the outlet, probably to keep your fingers out. Although, if you're putting your fingers into the inlet you've probably lost a couple on your table saw before this. Anyway. the inlet grid will clog if you pick up anything bigger than small chips. Some planers make stringy chips that will catch more easily. Flow will drop off as more chips get caught. I disconnected the inlet pipe on mine and all kinds of chips fell out. Now it runs like new. It is quiet. As some others have said, the assembly instructions are sketchy. Assemble everything finger-tight first, then use a wrench. For the money, it's a decent machine.

Barry M.
DC30A Dust Collector

I recently purchased the DC30A dust collector for my small shop. I had been using a Rigid Shop Vac with the small Dust Deputy to handle all my dust collecting needs. Since adding a Laguna Lathe, I found that I needed a collector with some CFM.
So, I shopped around and after some research, and bang for the buck, I found Bucktools DC30A. With the Free shipping, I figured order one and and see how it "Sucked".
Since I basically had a 2 stage small system, I also purchased the Oneida Dust Deputy 4/5 to add to the collector system. A few comments -
1) the shipping was fast, it arrived from Bucktool in about 5 days from ordering.
2) the unit was packaged nicely in the box, tight, all parts were there with no damage to the box what so ever.
3) The instructions lacked a bit, but by looking at the part, its a no brainer to assemble.
After assembly, I couldn't wait to attach this to my tools for testing.
Results -
Very Quiet, as compared to my Rigid Shop vac
The Remote key FOB is great, the tool is mounted in the corner, and I have a 14ft 4" flex hose ran to my tools.
Suction is great. I don't have a meter to test to validate 550 CFM, but its more than strong enough.
table saw = Awesome in collecting dust
drum sander = again Awesome.
Lathe = anything close to my dust pans, they gone.
I'm pending a test on my router table and Band Saw, but I expect great results.
If you're on the fence on which small shop DC to get, you can't go wrong with this unit from Bucktool. I love it so far - and for the price, I don't think there's a better deal out there!

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