Which Sander Is Right For You?
Whether you work in the trade, are an avid woodworker or an occasional do-it-yourself-er, a sander is an essential tool to have at your disposal. Sanding machines in all their forms will perform three overall tasks; shaping, smoothing and removing woodwork. We give you a breakdown of the variety of sanding machines so that you can make an informed decision as to which one is right for you.

Disc Sanders
One of the oldest styles of sanders, made up of a circular abrasive paper, mounted on a circular plate; the disc sander is ideal for end grain work, shaping subtle round corners and removing large amounts of material quickly. The work is supported by a flat table which sits in front of the abrasive disc. In addition, with the majority of our disc sanders, the support table features a mitre slot to enable you to achieve straight or angled end grain work. Disc sanders are great for a large variety of smaller projects.

Belt Sanders
Next is the belt sander. With a long straight surface, belt sanders can be vertical, horizontal or can have the option of both. Popular for the trade workshops, the belt sander is much bigger in size than the bobbin and disc sander. Its long flat surface makes it ideal for flattening and levelling long pieces of timber.

Belt and Disc Sanders
Last but perhaps one of the most useful style sanders – the belt and disc. A great option for the small trade or home workshop where they won’t be used constantly. The machine combines two tools in one; it takes up minimum space whilst still enabling you to carry out a multitude of sanding tasks.

The Bucktool BD4801 belt and disc sander is neatly designed to combine a 100mm belt and 200mm disc sander. Bench mounted to take up even less space; both the disc and belt functions have a decent sized work table which tilts making it ideal for bevel work.

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