Sanding belts are the best tool for stripping, molding, and granulating things down rapidly. In any case, the belts can get stopped with residue and buildups from old completions, paints, sleek woods, metal, and sometimes they wear out. Luckily, rough sanding belts can be cleaned and reused.

Belt Sander Cleaning Stick explicitly intended for sanding belts. They are produced using elastic and resemble a monster pencil eraser. Cleaning sticks can come in various sizes according to the different belt sanders available.

If you have a bigger sander, open the belt lodging first so you can get to the belt. Ensure that it's safely set up before you turn it on, as the sander will move around during the cleaning system.

Turn on the sander and run the cleaner stick across the belt surface, covering an inch-wide area at a time. The grating will consume the stick and eliminate the stuck-on buildup from between the coarseness. Continue to move it until all grime and development have been cleaned up. Please ensure not to utilize an excess of power, as the stick could get on the moving belt.

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