Parts of a Bench Grinder
A bench grinder is not just a grinding wheel. It comes with some additional parts. If you have done the research on bench grinder you might know that each of those parts has different functions.

The Motor
The motor is the middle portion of a bench grinder. The speed of the motor determines what type of work a bench grinder can perform. On average the speed of a bench grinder can be 3000-3600 rpm( revolutions per minute). The more the speed of the motor the faster you can get your work done.

Grinding Wheels
The size, material, and texture of the grinding wheel determine a bench grinder’s function. A bench grinder usually has two different wheels- a coarse wheel, which is used for carrying out the heavy work, and a fine wheel, used for polishing or shining. The average diameter of a bench grinder is 6-8 inches.

Eyeshield and Wheel Guard
Eyeshield protects your eyes from flyaway pieces of the object that you are sharpening. A wheel guard protects you from the sparks generated by friction and heat. 75% of the wheel should be covered by a wheel guard. You shouldn’t by any means run a bench grinder without a wheel guard.

Tool Rest
Tool rest is a platform where you rest your tools when you are adjusting it. Consistency of pressure and direction is necessary while working with a bench grinder. This tool rest ensures a balanced state of pressure and good workmanship.
Bench grinder

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