How to use bench sander?

 Preparation before use

Before use, check whether the grinding wheel is in good condition (there should be no cracks, cracks or injuries), and whether the grinding wheel shaft is installed firmly and reliably. Whether there is debris between the grinder and the protective cover and whether it meets the safety requirements. When it is confirmed that there is no problem, wear the protective glasses, and then turn on the switch of the grinder to idle for 40-60 seconds, and then perform grinding after the speed is stable.

Matters needing attention in use

When grinding, the standing position should be at an angle with the grinder, and the contact pressure should be even. It is strictly forbidden to hit the grinding wheel to avoid chipping. The grinding wheel is limited to sharpening knives and cutting tools. , Copper, etc.) and wood products. On the same grinding wheel, it is forbidden for two people to use it at the same time, let alone grinding on the side of the grinding wheel (if side grinding is required, a side grinder can be used).

▪ Precautions after use

1. The grinding surface of the grinding wheel must be repaired frequently. When the grinding object is found to be severely beating, it should be repaired with a diamond pen in time.
2. The grinding wheel is not allowed to be used when it is worn thin and small, and should be replaced in time to ensure safety.
3. After grinding, the power should be turned off, and the grinder should not be left idling. At the same time, the dust in the protective cover should be removed frequently, and the main shaft lubricating grease should be regularly overhauled and replaced.

▪ Precautions

1. Do not wear protective equipment
2. Wrong standing position
3. Grind on the side of the grinding wheel (except for the side grinding wheel machine)
4. Hit the grinding wheel hard
5. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower baffles without stopping the machine
6. Grinding non-metallic objects
7. Clean the site and equipment without turning off the power after the work, and leave without authorization

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