Bucktool 3/4HP 12-inch drill press
Woodworkers, carpenters and hobbyists like the drill press because it offers more power and accuracy, allowing them to drill larger holes and work with tougher materials. Here’s what you should know to find the perfect drill press from Bucktool power tools:

Sufficient Horsepower
First, you should consider drill press that is more than 1/2HP. For example, Bucktool has a 3/4HP 12-inch drill press. This variable-speed drill press has plenty of power to handle almost anything you need it to do.

Swing Size
Swing size is the distance from the center of the chuck to the column times two, if you determine you’ll be drilling holes more than six inches from the edge of your workpieces, you will need to look at something larger than a 12-inch drill press.

Depth Stop
A depth stop is an essential feature if you are going to be drilling several holes at the same depth. For example, if you need to drill 12 holes and all of them must be 2” deep, the depth stop will ensure that all twelve holes will be the same 2” depth.

Stroke Distance
Stroke distance is often referred to spindle travel, and it measures the maximum depth a spindle, drill chuck and drill bit can travel as the operator rotates the feed handle without moving the table up.

Digital Readout
A digital readout on a drill press is a helpful feature that displays the running speed and eliminates guessing your RPMs.

Choose a Drill Chuck With a Large Capacity and a Chuck Key
If you intend to drill relatively large diameters, it’s more secure to tighten the chuck with a wrench or chuck key.

Work table
You’ll want a work table you can adjust up or down depending on the size of the workpiece and the depth of the drilled holes.

POWERFUL 6.2A MOTOR: Equipped with a powerful 6.2A induction motor (most 12-IN drill press motors are only 5A), provide you constant power to drill through all kinds of material.
PROFESSIONAL DRILL PRESS: 1/32" - 5/8" Keyed chuck, 12" swing, 3-1/8" spindle travel, and overall height of 39" (2" high than other 12" drill press).
VARIABLE SPEED: You can easily adjust the speed from 580 to 3200 RPM, satisfying your drill needs from wood to all kinds of metal. Digital speed readout helps precisely control the speed.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE WORK TABLE: The flat work table can rotate 360° and bevel 45° left or right.
EXTRA SUPPORT: This drill press equips with a Class IIIA 2.5mW laser, work light, emergency stop switch, and no voltage release switch, help you work precisely and safely.
PRODUCT WARRANTY: Bucktool provides 2-year warranty for all products, and lifetime customer service, if you have any questions, please feel free to contract us.
Drill press

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