Best Drill Presses Buying Guide(2)

Part Two

When it comes to drilling, vibrations are a no-no. If you’re looking for accuracy, the more vibrations a press is going to have the likelier you are to come out with an unsatisfactory result. Sturdier machines with more weight are less likely to be wobbly but even in those cases, the taper is the essential piece in reducing vibrations. The more massive the taper is going to be the more precise you will find your drilling. This is because the taper itself will absorb the vibration by sitting between the arbor and the spindle of the drill.

Straight vs angled drilling
Some projects require straight drilling while others will need to have the workpiece angled. Make sure that the guide on your drill press is adjustable and allows for this sort of functionality before making a purchasing decision.

Last but not least, it’s important to determine whether all of your drillings will happen in your workshop, in a set corner, or whether you will need to be able to change the location of the drill. This is important because drill presses range in weight from about 30 to hundreds of pounds and if you’re going to need something that you can haul around, you might want to sacrifice power for portability, depending on the tasks you have in mind.

The size of the drill
When it comes to drilling presses a bigger size usually means a better drill. This is because larger drills usually have more powerful motors and therefore higher applicability. But these models are also a lot harder to move around. They’re usually very heavy and also quite expensive. Not everyone needs a heavy-duty drill press.
Benchtop drills are usually the go-to models for lighter tasks. They’re more portable, easier to work with, and can satisfy a good variety of needs for DIY-ers or woodworkers without breaking the bank or your back.

The chuck capacity
The chuck capacity is going to determine what sort of bits your drill can handle and as a result, what kind of holes it can bore. The overall size of the tool is going to be a good indication for the size of the hole but check with the manufacturers to see the capacity for the model you’re interested in.

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