Belt Disc Sanders Reviews and Buying Guide
Best disc and belt sander is the perfect tool for both professionals and beginners alike – as they provide clean and smooth edges or surface.They are compact and reliable which helps in completing the task within less amount of time and effort. Apart from wood, they can also be used on metals, plastics and others.

If you are looking to invest in a new disc sander, then below are few considerations to choose the best.

Motor Power
It determines the efficiency of the disc sander. High power motor will complete the task in less amount of time. So, choose a model with highest motor power within your budget range.

Disc Size
There are many different types of sanding discs available depending on the kind of work you need the belt sander to perform. For example, a resin fiber disc is suitable for grinding, deburring, and finishing metals, while you want a disc sander that can take flap discs for smoothing out welds and removing rust. If you mostly work on large wood pieces, then larger 8 inch  and 10 inch discs are the preferred option.

Belt Size
Apart from the disc, the belt size of a given belt disc sander is also quite important. This size is given as 36-inch x 4 inch or 48-inch x 6 inch depending on the model you get where a higher size offers more space for working with a belt sander.

There are several things to consider while using a belt and disc sander to complete the job safely. The first thing to consider is the eye protection which protects you when the wood stock kicks back or saw dust that flies off the surface.

Most of these machines produce high levels of noise and a continuous hum which can be uncomfortable and damaging to the ears. It is better to use hearing protection while operating a disc or belt sander.

Planning beforehand helps you place the wood in appropriate positions to work on it. It also helps you keep the fingers away from the sandpaper which may rip off the skin within an instant. If possible, start sanding with the grain as it helps to prevent the wood from skipping off the belt while in motion. And always sand in downward position and avoid upward movement for best control.

Whether you work in a workshop or casually at your home, sanding is a highly important and useful process that gets used for so many applications. While there are many kinds of sanding machines out there, the best belt disc sanders ALLWIN BD4602 can be a great pick as the perfect and all in one sanding machine.
Belt disc sander

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Brian Legault

Brian Legault

My customer is looking to sand brass copper and some aluminum, but we do want dust collection. What can you suggest?
Brian Legault

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