Are you interested to know how to use Scroll Saw?(14)

Part Fourteen

 Spring Flower

This bouquet features a mix of large and small blooms. This is a great project to make if you're interested in learning how to customize pattern edges and add hardware.
Actual size for an 8"(20.3cm) lazy Susan or trivet: to make a 15"(38cm) lazy Susan, print at 187% for 15”(38cm) dia.

Recommended wood: Hardwood of choice, 1/3"-3/8"(13-19mm) thick, 8 1/2"” (21.6cm) square. If you want to make a larger lazy Susan as featured, see step 9 and use a l5"(38cm) dia. pre-purchased lazy Susan or a l5 1/2"”(39.4cm) hardwood of choice to create it from scratch.

Recommended drill bits: 3/64" (1.2mm) & 1/16"(1.6mm) or #56 ( 1.2mm) &#52 ( 1.6mm) for interior cutouts. Large flower center holes (12 places): 3/16"(4.8mm); small flower center holes (8 places ): "1/8"(3.2mm); center hole (l place): "3/8" (9.5mm).If making the 15" (38cm) lazy Susan: large flower center holes (12 places):11/32”(8.7mm); small flower center holes (8 places): 7/32"(5.5mm); center hole (l place): l1/16" (17.4mm).

Recommended blades: #5 reverse skip-tooth or reverse tooth

Notes/special instructions: Be careful along the border not to accidentally cut into the flower petals.

Recommended finishing: Danish oil or oil of choice

Drill the flower centers to the desired diameters (as listed on here); this will remove the need to scroll saw them later.

Drill all the pilot holes.

Start cutting from the middle of the pattern.

Continue working your way outward.

You can either use the outline provided on the pattern or draw the outline you want with the last flower petals touching/connecting to the rim. When l took these photos, I was using a version of the pattern that didn't have the outline rim on it yet, so l had to manually add it. You can make a similar alteration to any pattern you like.

Start cutting the outline, being careful not to accidentally cut through the flower petals.

Keep cutting all the way around the outline.

Once you have finished the last cut,remove the pattern and sand all surfaces.

To make this project, l purchased a 15”(38cm)-diameter lazy Susan from lKEA, removed the bearing set from the underside, scrolled the design using the top part, and then reattached the bottom.

Make sure you complete all desired finishing steps on the scrolled piece before reattaching the base to the underside of the wood with a polyurethane-based glue or superglue of choice.

This design is busy and dense enough that the lazy Susan base isn't very visible from above and doesn't disrupt the look of the design.

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