204mm(8”) Combination Planer Thicknesser
The perfect smooth planer and thicknesser for both the demanding do-it-yourselfer and the hobbyist. The precise planer table made of diecast aluminum ensures the best planning results. Due to the compact and stable construction, this multi-device is also ideally suited for mobile use.
• Combined planning and thicknessing machine
• Powerful 1500 W motor for versatile work
• Compact table model
• Two HS planer knives for smooth and precise planning
• Vibration-damping rubber feet for stable standing
• Comfortable height adjustment via hand crank
• Thicknesser with extractable workpiece support
For sophisticated DIY experts and the best planning results, we offers Combined Planer Thicknesser with highly accurate planning tables made of high-pressure die cast aluminum. Most hobby woodworkers will not have enough space in their workshop to plane long planks or beams. We therefore designed our planes so that they can easily be set up in a suitable place when required, in the garden or drive, for example. They are perfect for mobile use: compact, handy and lightweight. Thanks to easy use and secure positioning, excellent planning results are possible for beginners, too.

Combination bench top jointer and planer provides a 2 in1 function to maximize work space. Powerful 2HP motor provides various cutting applications. 2 high speed (8500RPM) steel knives for precise & smooth cuts. Precision adjustment knobs.

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